Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scalp Infection Staph Infection Follicullitis

                   FLASH!!!            This is July 27th/2015.   I think we have finally found the cause, Demodex Parasites in the roots of my hair!    GET HELP FOR DEMODEX PARASITES! GET A BIOSPY FOR THEM? I'm so sorry that you have any of the above named conditions!  I have all of them and it's been since Februrary 2011 since it first started.  INTENSE ITCHING. INTENSE BURNING. Blisters that bubble up one on top of another and another, until finally you feel like you have a cardboard scalp.

I went to the doctors, they gave me three rounds of antibiotics and endless shampoos and lotions.  Even had two cortizone shots into my all seemed to make it worse.

The worst of all is I thought the doctors knew about what to do.  They don't  really.  They actually told me I needed a team of doctors and sent me away with a staph infection on my scalp.  Of course in all fairness the doctors wanted me to go to the Mayo Clinic and referred me there, but I didn't have enough $$$$ to go.  It's probably for the best though, I took my power back and begin trying to find the cure for myself and you.

What I've listed in my last post definitly helps.  You need that Pine Tar Soap in the shower everyday at least once.  You need that 3 Yellow Cleanser from the Scar Family too.  Even while your hair is wet you can generously with a cotton ball put that 3 Yellow Cleanser on your scalp. WARNING: 3 yellow cleanser turns blonde hair yellow......but it is so worth it. You don't want pus coming out of your scalp, this takes care of that kind of infection....well it has for me.  I don't eat sugar or greasy foods.  I only use Organic Olive Oil. 

This may sound gross to you, but what I do in the shower with the Pine Tar soap is get a good lather going, then kind of dig deeper into my scalp, each time I wash.  I have actually cleared the build up that I had.  The soap seems to take it down day by day.  I can finally feel my true scalp again and every day washing helps me feel clean which is also good for my psychi. 

The Cleanser will keep staph in check.  It has a drying effect on the scalp, the oozy blisters, the itching and burning and finally long awaited peace. I take some with me when I leave the house.  I found that if I sweat my scalp will begin to burn and I dab it with my 3 yellow cleanser cotton ball. They travel well in a  sealed snack bag.

Since I wrote last I have researched  what I have.  The staph infection is so resistant to antibiotics.  Staph will send out a glue like substance that protects itself like a sheild from your natural immune defense CDC is telling me that they don't really have a antibiotic that really kills the stuff.  Some new ones are in the works, but actually not quite proven to do the job yet.

This kind of reminds me of cock roaches...they learn to adapt to all the  bug sprays available and still they live on.

THESE ARE A COUPLE OF REMEDIES THAT REALLY HELP YOU LIVE WITH THIS BACTERIA on your head.  If you know of a complete cure, sign up and please POST YOUR CURE!


  1. Wowww Vimala, this is a horrible thing. I have paid numerous Dr.s who left me hanging 2. I wemt 2 ER, tjry lanced an drined it. Oh its sizee of hlf baseball ,hot there within a wk, cuz i trusted lame Dr.s. but Er put me on a sulfunamide firsy, wrong med. Diff Dr. Put me on a tetracycline, it shrunk, but only been a d ay. I Pray Jesus will heal this mess. I stay hm cuz it oozes. Drat.....

  2. Try this: Organic UNREFINED unbleached COLD PRESSED coconut oil. Nutiva from Sunflower Markets, Sprouts, or natural food stores carry them. (the wrong kind will not give you the healing power you need, I really stress this, the WRONG kind will not the labels!!)

    Use Lavender essential oil, frankinsense, and oregano on the scalp along with the coconut oil as often as you can. NOW brand or Acura Cacia from natural food stores are wonderful (use at least three times a day, but do it more often to get the healing process going. Lavender can be used neat (without diluting, but oregano needs to be diluted with coconut oil cause its "hot". 10 drops for every tsp of coconut oil is sufficent): Take enteric coated pills twice a day (so the stomach acids don't overcome them): tumeric, garlic, and oregano oil to boost your immune system.

    This will all help the staph to go away if you are CONSISTENT with this form of treatment.

    Most essential oils are: antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Antibiotics DO NOT really work for staph infections, or they work...and other problems pop up.

    My son has a large staph infection on his scalp that is healing quite nicely after a couple days. My other son had a large deep staph boil on his arm from wrestling that healed with no scar.

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  5. Hi, I think I have the same thing but mine has no pus, I just have dry scab like spots on my head, ive had one before which never really went away it only faded and scared and still left a lump but now I have 3 more which came up in a couple of days of each other, im not sure what to do and I don't want to dry my scalp anymore then it is now, I use organic shampoo's and soaps so im not sure what I can do, I normally put tea tree oil on all my cuts and infections but this is tougher.

  6. I was just diagnosed with having Shingles on my head (red itchy bumps under my hair at the top of my head) but there was one large quarter-sized raised bump from which the doctor took a culture. This morning she called and told me it was a staph infection. Luckily today I have a derm appt. with another doc for a rash on my hands. Wonder if they're related? They put me on an anti-viral and Keflex for the 'shingles' and today told me the Keflex should get rid of the staph. Hmmm. Will follow up, as after 4 days on Keflex, the raised bump on my head has gone from quarter-sized to half-dollar sized. No longer itchy, though!